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Karl Klein

Founder of KKCPA, Author of EVEconomics

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Karl has been a CPA and business owner of KKCPA for 35+ years after graduating from Marquette University. Efficient and experienced beyond compare, Karl will get your work done in no time! He'll most likely throw a joke in as well.


David Scherer


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David began working at KKCPA full-time in 2013 as a staff Accountant. Friendly and personable, David enjoys his time spent working with a great variety of clients at KKCPA.


Emily Klein-Welch

Certified Payroll Specialist

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Emily, a sister of Karl's, obtained her Payroll certification a few years back and now does great work for KKCPA  as the Certified Payroll Specialist. Emily also does corporate filings.


Henry Dabrowski

IT Specialist

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Initially, Henry started out as a staff Accountant but realized being part of the IT department was more his forte. Henry resolves issues faster than a speeding bullet and never fails to make people laugh.

Tim Singers


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Tim has been a dedicated and meticulous employee ever since his college years as an Accounting intern at KKCPA. He then graduated and passed the CPA in 1993 and has stuck with KKCPA ever since!


Alex Werchowski


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Alex started out as an intern with his motivated spirit. We are pleased to have kept Alex around to work as a detail-oriented staff Accountant at KKCPA who helps us out a lot during busy season.


Jenny Hackbarth

Office Admin

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Jenny once worked as Office Administrator years ago. She thankfully returned to help out at KKCPA in 2022! Jenny's focus and organization enable KKCPA to remain a well-oiled machine.


Luke Hoffner

Intern / Incoming Staff Accountant

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A friend of Jenny's and a hard worker, Luke is usually the last intern to leave the office. He attends UW-Milwaukee and will be promoted to full-time Staff Accountant in May upon graduation. Congrats, Luke!

Joshua Boeldt


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Josh has been working with KKCPA for many years now after passing the CPA. Hard-working and focused, Josh enjoys working at a close-knit firm with small businesses and personal clients.

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Kayla Klein


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Kayla, daughter of Karl, works in the office on an as-needed basis while working full-time at EY. Along with the intention of taking over the business one day, Kayla will work permenantly at KKCPA in the coming years.

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Elsa Klein

Marketing Director

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Elsa, Karl's favorite daughter, has been hanging around the office since infancy. From enjoying ice cream in the lunch room to now managing the website and socials, Elsa has been a lifelong fan of KKCPA. 



Accounting Interns

KKCPA has some wonderful interns, many of whom are students at Marquette University,  which is just a few blocks from the office. How convenient! 

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